The Meet & Greet The Meet & Greet

Extend your hand. Clasp palms. Be firm - but not too firm - and look at your new acquaintance straight in the eye. Smile. We're GY&K. Now that we've been formally introduced, let's tell you a little about this company of ours.

Evolving since 1975, GY&K is a marketing innovation company that offers services, technology & tools and licensed properties to drive sales for companies in a wide range of vertical industries.

As if that weren't enough, we're also headquartered in lovely Manchester, New Hampshire. Why New Hampshire? Does it even matter where you set up shop these days? We think it does. Apart from the incredibly scenic landscapes and the friendly, hard-working people, there's this little motto we've got working for us: Live Free or Die.

If that isn't inspiring, what is?

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